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In a nutshell, Leyland Trade Fast Drying is a professional water based range which is suitable for painting interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces.
It's perfect for jobs which need a quick turnaround, this also means there's minimal disruption in your customer's home or business.
Additional benefits include:
  • Quick drying time – the Undercoat can be recoated in 1-2 hours and the Satin and Gloss in 3-4 hours, so you can get the job done in a day
  • A non-yellowing finish – to keep your work looking its best for longer
  • A durable, tough finish – excellent in high traffic areas
  • Low odour – being a water based paint instead of solvent, the range is kinder to environment with low/medium volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
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Ask Jamie - Top tips and frequently asked questions

Can you apply it to previously painted oil/solvent based surfaces?
Absolutely - yes. All you need to do is clean and degrease the surface using a sugar soap solution. Use a waterproof abrasive paper to sand the surface, then rinse with clean water. Once dry, apply the Fast Dry Undercoat, and allow to dry. Lightly sand again and then apply the chosen Fast Dry top coat.

Is this range water based or solvent based? How would you describe the difference?
The range is water based and in comparison to the solvent based products it is very low odour, fast drying and non-yellowing. It is also easier to clean equipment, as you just need to wash your tools with clean water. This means the range helps you deliver a quicker turnaround time with minimal disruption in your customer's home or business and you'll leave a long lasting result.

What types of tools can you use to apply the paint?
The Fast Drying range can be applied via:

  • Brush - our tip is to use the best quality synthetic brush you can afford
  • Roller - a high quality short pile microfibre roller/glosser roller – do not use a foam roller
  • Spray - this can be used through HVLP and Airless machines. Check out our advice on spraying here.

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Why should you choose Leyland Trade's Fast Drying range?

How to apply to woodwork

How to apply to metalwork

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