Floor paint


Jamie's advice for using floor paint


I have never applied floor paint before, do you have any tips? 

The paint can be applied exactly as if emulsion paint was being used on a wall. Cut in the edges with a brush and apply the rest with a roller. Using the roller on an extension pole makes the job a lot easier. Work in equal sections each time to keep an open edge. The rougher or more textured the floor is the heavier the pile of roller needed.

Why has the floor paint stuck to my car tyres?

In most instances this is due to a lack of adhesion between the floor and paint coating. Surface contaminates such as dirt and grease are usually to blame. Applying a very thick coating in one application can also cause problems as the paint will take longer to cure. Re-introducing the vehicle to the painted floor before the paint has had time to fully dry can also cause this problem.

How long should I wait before painting a new concrete floor?

As a guide allow a drying period of a month for every inch of concrete laid in depth. Conditions in the building will also affect the drying period. Application of the paint to the floor before it is fully dry will result in a premature breakdown.

I need to paint a metal floor area can I use this paint?

Yes it is ideal for metal surfaces. The metal should be primed first using All Purpose Primer.