Wood and metal


Jamie's tips for painting onto wooden and metal surfaces

Can I use Non-Drip & One Coat Gloss externally to paint my window frames?

Yes both products can be used externally and will offer good protection and durability. Prepare the surfaces as normal and apply as per the instructions.

I'm using a very deep colour of gloss and it has not covered the undercoat fully, why?

It's highly likely that this colour of gloss needs additional coats to achieve full opacity. This is not unusual with very deep shades of gloss. Additional coats will also give added protection.

Can I apply gloss directly onto plastic rainwater goods that have faded or do I need an undercoat?

After cleaning the rainwater goods thoroughly apply the gloss onto the surface. No undercoat is required unless the surfaces were previously painted. More than one gloss coat will be required to achieve full opacity.

Why has my internal woodwork painted with solvent based brilliant white gloss turned "yellow" over a period of time?

General discolouration occurs with all solvent based paints over a period of time, but is particularly noticeable when brilliant white has been used. Yellowing is speeded up when the painted surfaces are excluded from natural daylight. Nicotine and oil burning appliances will also discolour the paint. Leyland’s Fast Drying Gloss or Satin will remain whiter for longer in such conditions.

Why has the gloss paint on the outside of my property dried flat?

The loss of gloss on external paint coatings is usually due to exposure to damp or cold conditions while drying. A whitening affect known as "blooming" can also develop. Care should be taken when painting externally during Autumn and Winter months. The surfaces can be rubbed down and recoated in better conditions.

I cannot get rid of the smell after using gloss paint, what can I do?

Providing good ventilation is essential. Ensure the doors and windows are open to improve the airflow during and after application. Removing soft furnishings before painting is a good idea as the odour can cling to them.

I've never used water based gloss paints do I apply them in the same manner as a liquid Gloss?

Generally yes. For best results with this product always use a good quality synthetic brush to apply the paint. Apply the paint generously and spread it evenly, taking care not to overspread it. Work quickly to prevent the wet edge drying off.

My customer doesn't like the smell from solvent based paints what can I use to paint the trim in their house?

Leyland’s Fast Drying Gloss or Satin is low odour and quick drying. It is also very tough and hard wearing. It would be ideal in this situation.

I've applied the paint over existing solvent based paint that was in good condition but the paint chips off when knocked, why is the happening?

When using this type of paint it is essential the surface to be painted is clean and dry. However rubbing down to provide a key is just as important especially when painting over old gloss finishes. Failure to carry out any of these two simple processes will result in a lack of adhesion making the coatings much more susceptible to impact.

What has caused runs to appear on my gloss painted surfaces?

This has been caused by uneven application or applying further paint where the coating has started to set creating thick joints. Applying the paint too generously and then not spreading it out evenly across the surface will cause curtaining and sagging. Once the paint is sufficiently dry and hardened rub down and paint again.